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While doing iOS Apps, production certificate expiration sounds a scary thing but it won’t affect anything from users’ perspective. Our apps are still live in App Store, users can still download and use them. The only thing will be impacted is our ability to sign apps, in other words, we cannot create new production builds and provide updates any more. The following is a step by step instruction which help you to create a proper production certificate.

Step 1: Login with Apple develop center at

Then select production on the left panel under Certificates:

Step 2: Select App Store and Ad Hoc and then continue

Then you shall see this page:

Step 3: Request a certificate from CA.

Follow the above instruction to request a certificate from CA. Please fill the text fields based on your own situation. MAKE SURE your CA Email Address is empty and Save to disk option is ticked.

NOTICE: PLEASE SAVE THIS CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest SOMEWHERE SAFE!

Step 4: Upload CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest to Apple development center

Now you shall be able to see this production key is ready, download this key and send it to mobile developer.

Beware this expiry date, we need to create a new one or renew once they are expired.


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