[iOS] License Please

License Please is an iOS mobile game (currently only on iPhone) based on a true story. Er... A true story based on my own experience.

Every year I was fined by cops for illegal parking as the sign is not clear, illegal driving a motorcycle, and bla bla bla. The total amount is roughly $1000, and plus demerit points.  This could happen on you and others. So I was thinking why not I write a little game on mobile, so everyone can be an officer.

How to play?

Catch by tapping the speeding cars (Which is speeding? Well, you need to compare and feel their speed by observation, Cops love to do this, right? 😉)

The more speeding cars you caught, the more money you can collect from them. However, there are some public activity vehicles such as ambulance and police cars, DON'T stop them. Oh, almost forget, DON'T stop non-speeding cars, otherwise you will get complaints. When there are more than 10 complaints, you can't be a cop anymore.

Game will be published by 30 April 2019 depends on Apple Review Team.

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