5 Stuffs you need to do before you go to the Australian Citizenship Test 2019:

5 stuffs you need to do before you do the Citizenship Test 2019:

1, Print out the Citizenship Appointment Letter that the immigration department sent to you.

You will need this email for the client ID, which is an 11-digits number in the email body.

2, Prepare the required documents including:

  • at least three documents that collectively show your photograph, signature, current residential address, date of birth, birth name and gender
  • Proof of name change, if applicable
  • any other identity documents issued by another government that you consider will assist in verifying your identity
  • evidence of when you first arrived in Australia and your present country of citizenship
  • the documents that were submitted with your application
  • documents for any children under 16 years of age included in your application
  • official translation to accompany any documents which are not in English (see Translating your documents)
  • any other documents that we have requested you to provide.

From my own experience, I used the following docs:

  • Driver license original copy/card
  • Medicare original copy/card
  • Utilities bills original copy. i.e. City council rates, electricity bills, mobile phone bills and so on.
  • Passport original copy
  • Marriage certificate (yap, I am married)
  • Make sure you translate them if they are not in English

3, Make sure you know the location and date time

I know this is a silly one, but I do know some people they cannot attend the test due to a late bus, train or cannot remember which day.

4, Interviews

Some people might be worry about the interview, thinking they are tricky and hard. Actually when I was taking my Citizenship Test, I can't even feel it. Why? Because they are just basic conversation between you and the staff, those are very basic conversation, such as:

  • How long have you been in Australia
  • Do you have any plan staying in Australia
  • Any plan for trips, holidays
  • Married?

Relax, just tell them what you thought.

For more details, please check the following Android app to view the latest Australian Citizenship test questions in 2019.