OnTriggerEnter2D v.s. OnCollisionEnter2D

OnCollisionEnter2D: Some collision really happened, means two objects collide with each other. OnTriggerEnter2D: Collision not really happened when you set up Is Trigger is true. Two objects, one with Is Trigger off (Object A), the other with Is Trigger on (Object B). So Object A can pass Object B. Few things in order to make sure
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Endless scene in Unity

In Unity sometimes we want to move our characters in a endless background, such as Runner or Flappy Bird. Such game required infinite loop of scene. One of the solutions comes to mind is moving the camera along with the background. To achieve this is quite simple, the whole idea is to attach the background
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2D Arkanoid in Unity

2D Arkanoid in Unity 5.5 2017.3.0f3 Play with Arkanoid Use key a and d to move left and right. Todo List  Add AI Player  Speed up for the ball. How to make this game: https://noobtuts.com/unity/arkanoid   Source Code: https://github.com/arkilis/Arkanoid

How to Align Game Objects in Unity

Tool: Unity 5.5 2017.3.0f3. While using Unity, it is inevitable to have quite a amount of GameObjects in the scene. i.e. When designing an Arkanoid game, there are quite a lot blocks placed on the scene: However, it might be boring and tedious to manually align all the red blocks in one line with the
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2D PingPong in Unity

Full window size: http://www.needone.app/projects/2d_pingpong/ 2D ping pong in Unity 5.5 2017.3.0f3 Play with Ping Pong Player 1 (left): use s and w to control player Player 2 (right): use arrow key ⬆︎ and ⬇︎ to control player Todo List  Add AI Player  Speed up for How to make this game: https://noobtuts.com/unity/2d-pong-game   Source Code: https://github.com/arkilis/2DPingPong