Python Teltra SMS SDK

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A fully tested Python SDK allow you to send sms in a more easy way!

Current version: 0.0.7
Support Python version: >=python 2.6 (not python3)

If you have any questions or issue, please create an issue or pull request.


Before you are using this lib, please register an App on Telstra at Their sms will be activated within a fews days. So be patient or you can just call them. ?

To Install

Method 1: Use pip

pip install telstra-sms-sdk

Highly recommend you to use virtualenv to create your (any) python project.

Method 2: Manually Install

Use and Example

from telstra_sms_sdk.sms import TelstraSMS

# CLIENT_IDi and CLIENT_SECRET are strings getting from Telstra app  

ts = TelstraSMS(client_id=CLIENT_ID, client_secret=CLIENT_SECRET)
ts.send_sms("0400000000", sms_text="Hi this is unit test")