How to enable iMessage on your Android devices for free

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How to enable iMessage on your Android devices for free

This article demonstrates how to connect iMessage service to your Android phone/pad so that you can contact your iPhone friends freely from now on. To finish the article will take 5 mins.


  • A mac laptop or server
  • Android Phone
  • iPhone (optional for testing)

Features of AirMessage:

  • Safe: all the messages are stored and transited through your own mac and network
  • FREE

Install the AirMessage

This part has two main steps:

1, Install the AirMessage server on your Mac

This will forward new iMessages to your Android devices. Download the AirMessage Server for macOS from

Set password by Edit password:

It will ask for a few Permission Settings which wants to read the messages:

Port Forwarding

Add a new port forwarding rule in your router with port 1359 open and forwarded to your mac. More details can be found at:

2, Install the AirMessage client on your Android

Download the AirMessage client for Android from The Android must be at least Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later.

Open the app:

Click manual configuration:

If address and password is correct, we should be table to find a 1 client connected, and of course, you can connect many android devices at the same time!

Time for testing. Let's send a iMessage to ourselves from iPhone/iPad:

Congrats! You have successfully enabled iMessage on your Android device! If you like this story, please 馃憦馃憦馃憦, I will continue to share more tutorials.