Install specific iOS beta on simulator

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Install specific iOS beta on simulator

Apple release the new iOS SDK every day, as the developer, we want to test our apps on those new SDK before they are officially released. For example, we want to have the iOS 17 beta on the MacOS Ventura 13.3 (22E252). Here are the steps:

First need to install the new iOS 17 beta

Download the iOS 17 beta 7 Simulator Runtime from Runtime

Then install the dmg using the following command:

xcrun simctl runtime add iOS_17_beta_7_Simulator_Runtime.dmg

Then set up the iOS 17 beta simulator from Xcode

From the Xcode, manage run destinations, we can find out the iOS 17 beta is in the list under simulators.

In the end we can select the newly created simulator iPhone SE 2nd Gen with iOS 17.