Web: Web Projects with previous work position

Two projects: Project 1: Internal Web System (AGRF Project Management) Project 2: Internal Web System (AGRF SNP) 1. Internal Web System (Project Management) About: Internal Use Online Project Management System, aim to help staff to manage projects Features: Track all company’s current project progress Assign tasks to specific staff members Email notifications on incoming projects Email notifications
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Web: SoireesMusicales

SoireesMusicales.com.au http://www.soireesmusicales.com.au About: Brisbane Local Singer Group Official Web Features: Concise screen, allow user easily to manage all the music events, such as posting a new music event Design/Implementation/Delivered in one week Technology & Skills: Front End: Bootstrap, JQuery, PhotoShop, NodeJS, Google Map SDK, Facebook SDK Back End: PHP, CodeIgniter Database: MySQL Screenshots: