Australian Driving Test for all States 2019

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Australian Driving Test 2019 version.

Official data for all States collected from their official websites, including:

* New South Wales (NSW), Roads and Maritime Services (TMR)

* Victoria (VIC), VicRoads

* Queensland (QLD), Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)

* Western Australia (WA)

* South Australia (SA), Mylicense

* Tasmania (TAS), State Growth

* Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Road Ready

* Northern Territory (NT), driving and transport

More than 1000 driving test questions and answers are collected for study, review and practise, the topic of questions includes:

  • General rules of driving
  • Traffic lights
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Intersections
  • Seat Belts


1, Choose your state

You can choose the state that you are going to take the test from. Each state has a DIFFERENT question bank!

2, Practise mode

Practise as much as you can before taking the actual test. It will help you to pass the written test/theory test

3, Test mode

Try your best to answer all the questions and system will score on that. Just like in the real test.

4, Flag board

You can add/save questions to flag board for later review, a great tool for knowledge test

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