Export IPA file from Xcode and install on your mobile

Reason behind this

There are numerous tutorials teaching you how to create an iOS app, but few of them tell you how to do the test on when users update your apps. We can simulate this by:

  1. Generate the IPA file
  2. Install IPA from Mac OSX

Generate IPA using Xcode:

Step 1: Go Product -> Archives

Step 2: Archives -> Distribute App

Generate IPA from Xcode 10 - 1

Step 3: Select Ad hoc, and you can also use Development as long as you have the device id registered in the profile. iOS App Store can't be used, I guess the reason might be Apple will put additional encryption on the ipa.

Generate IPA from Xcode 10 - 2

You can choose App Thinning method or simply just put None:

Generate IPA from Xcode 10 - 3

Normally automatically manage signing will do:

Generate IPA from Xcode 10 - 4

It will take a while to build and compile:

Generate IPA from Xcode 10 - 5

And finally you can click export to somewhere convenient.

Install on mobile

Under Xcode, go Windows -> Device and Simulators, select the target ipa you want to install and higher version to simulate the updates.

Install IPA to device from Mac